Where to Find Emergency Dental in Rochester NY

Jun 14, 2023 | Dental Care

When dental accidents happen, you need the best care possible. Whether you need help with a broken crown, knocked-out tooth, or severe toothache, Full Heart Dentistry is here to help! 

Anytime you need emergency dental care in Rochester, NY, Full Heart Dentistry offers a team of experts who are always ready to keep your and your family’s smiles bright and healthy.

When to Seek Emergency Dental in Rochester, NY

We find that many patients aren’t really sure when to seek emergency dental help in Rochester, NY, or any other location. Maybe they wake up with a surprise toothache or suddenly find eating to be extremely painful. Is it worth seeing a dentist as soon as possible, or should you just make an appointment and wait it out? 

Here are the most common reasons patients should seek emergency dental help in Rochester, NY: 

  • Dislodged tooth. When a tooth has been slightly pushed out of the socket but is still attached. 
  • Broken tooth. This is when a tooth has been chipped or shattered.
  • Severe toothache. Intense oral pain that is long lasting or sharp. 
  • Soft tissue injury. This includes any injury affecting your lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, or inner mouth lining. 
  • Cut lip. Small or large cuts on the lip can lead to infection. 
  • Gum bleeding. If you experience gum bleeding caused by a small cut or an unknown reason, get it checked by a dental professional as soon as possible to prevent further issues. 
  • Swollen jaw or mouth. Swelling can signify a more significant problem. Give us a call and our team will be able to investigate and determine if emergency dental is needed. 
  • Knocked-out tooth. Tooth loss from injuries or accidents can happen for many reasons. Be sure to store the knocked-out tooth in a container of the patient’s spit or milk to preserve the tooth. It can also be placed under the patient’s tongue. Don’t let it dry out!
  • Abscessed tooth. Abscesses are caused by an infection that starts at either the root of the tooth or inside of the tooth. Whenever a cavity is present, it is best to get it checked to prevent further infection. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the oral discomfort will pass or if it needs immediate care. Whenever there is excessive bleeding or a severely injured jaw, please go directly to an emergency room. Afterward, we can devise an action plan to bring your smile back to full health. 

5 Preventative Tips for Avoiding Emergency Dental in Rochester, NY

While not all accidents are avoidable, here are five tips on being proactive for keeping your teeth safe and healthy. 

Use Mouth Protection When Playing Sports

If you or a loved one participates in a sporting or physical contact activity, please wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and jaw. Professional, custom-fitted mouthguards have even been found to help prevent concussions. They’re also inexpensive, so cost isn’t usually a factor.

Don’t Chew Ice

Ice can literally break your teeth and may cause all sorts of oral problems. A good alternative would be chewing sugar free gum such as Xylitol to satisfy oral fixation. 

Avoid Foods That Are Tough and Sticky

Chewy, sugary foods like hard caramel can be delicious but rough on your teeth. Avoid sticky, sour or hard candies

Use Scissors to Open Packages (Not Your Teeth)

Plastic packaging can be more rigid than it looks, this can include opening bottles. Using scissors or your hands to open packages protects your teeth, gums, and lips — as all as the product you want to open. 

Schedule Regular Checkups

The best way to stay alert of potential issues to avoid emergency dental work is to keep your teeth healthy by scheduling regular checkups. An appointment every six to twelve months allows your dental team to keep an eye on your teeth and evaluate any concerns that may arise. 

Trust Full Heart for Emergency Dental in Rochester, NY

Full Heart Dentistry wants to be there for your family in an emergency. If you’re a patient from Rochester, Irondequoit, or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to call today.

When in doubt, call and ask! We’re always ready to give you the care you need.

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