Your Rochester Cosmetic Dentist

Sep 26, 2023 | Dental Care | 0 comments

Your smile is one of the first things people notice in any interaction. Feel confident in your smile every time with the help of Full Heart Dentistry, your Rochester cosmetic dentist. 

Rochester Cosmetic Dentist Services 

Cosmetic dentistry can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you feel more confident in your smile, encourage long-term dental health. Some of the most common cosmetic dentist services include:

Teeth Whitening 

Turn your teeth back to “pearly white” with proper bleaching and whitening solutions. We will make the process as simple and comfortable as possible for you.

SureSmile Aligners 

Are you looking for an alternative to regular braces? SureSmiler Aligners is an effective and discreet way to get orthodontic treatment.

Dental Veneers 

Cracks and gaps can be uncomfortable, and Full Heart Dentistry can help you fill those gaps and cracks with subtle veneers. These can change the shape and size of your teeth if needed so you have greater aesthetics.


Restore gaps, deeper cracks and chips and fracture with careful bonding. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Full Heart Dentistry experts will ensure that your colored fillings are nearly indistinguishable from your natural smile. 

Keeping You Comfortable Throughout Treatment

While you should expect any Rochester cosmetic dentist to treat patients with care, at Full Heart Dentistry, you become a part of our family. We’ll provide the following to make sure each experience with us is positive:

Desensitizing Your Teeth 

Our team is equipped to provide various methods to desensitize your teeth before treatment.

Shaded Glasses 

If your eyes are sensitive to light, we have shaded glasses available to prevent discomfort during your visit. 

Blankets and Pillows 

Creating a safe and comfortable environment is essential for any dentist visit. We have blankets and pillows for you to help you get situated during your treatment. 

Things to Expect During Your First Visit  

When you first come to visit us at Full Heart Dentistry, we want to make sure you have the information necessary prior to any potential treatment. This is what you can expect from your first visit:

Oral Screening

Our team will review your smile and make sure everything is healthy. During oral screenings, we will also look over your cheeks, lips, face, tongue, and gums for signs of health issues. 

Periodontal Probing 

This round-tipped tool is used to measure the gums around your teeth. This allows us to see your current dental health status and be able to customize any necessary treatment plan. 


X-rays are minimally invasive with lower levels of radiation than previously used methods. This lets us dive deeper into your dental health to provide the best service possible. 


Dr. Smith or Dr. Hernandez will review all of your charts and provide a complete examination of your mouth. Please inform them of any pain or discomfort during the process. This will allow them to create a custom treatment plan if necessary. 

Full Heart Dentistry: Your Rochester Cosmetic Dentist 

Finding a dentist who understands your needs is essential for proper treatment. Partner with a team that treats you like family and walks with you throughout the process. Full Heart Dentistry is here for you and your loved ones for your long-term dental care.
Ready to get started with your dental journey with Full Heart? Contact us today to schedule your appointment!